Motivation That Hurts

Motivation That Hurts

Motivation That Hurts


This is not your grandma's motivation.

It's the daily kick-in-the-ass you didn't know you needed.

365 days of motivation sent directly to your inbox.

And it hurts.

The woo woo feel good inspirational posts on Instagram might make you feel good for a few minutes. But they're useless when you're grinding after big goals.

They're not going to help you on day 47 of 75HARD. You'll forget about them on the 10th mile of the half marathon you promised your kids you'd finish. And they won't help you get out of bed at 5am to shed that extra weight you're not proud of.

No. The ra ra from your favorite fitness influencer isn't going to cut it.

You need a kick-in-the-ass. A reality check that opens your eyes to just how mediocre you're becoming. A message that sticks to your soul.

And you need it every day.

The daily kick-in-the-ass emails cut deep. You've never heard some of the concepts before. And sometimes, they hurt.

But they are effective. 

They stick with you in ways feel good can't.

You can actually lean on the concepts when you're trudging through the inevitable monotony of grinding for your goals. 

It's $10 for a year of daily emails the will make you get off your ass and do something. That's less than a month of Netflix.

The choice is yours.