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Your Fitness Really Does Start with Why

Your Fitness Really Does Start with Why

You're not a lazy person.

You don't have a weak mind or no will power. 

You know these things about yourself, yet February rolls around and your New Year's resolution to get fit has gone by the wayside. Four weeks in to your "new year, new me" campaign to lose 10lbs you're back to sleeping in, staying up late, and spending more time on your phone than you do in the gym.

So, what's going on here? 

You know you're strong and can do anything you set your mind to, but you've petered out on something you really wanted. 

Why does this happen over and over again when it comes to getting in shape or losing some of that extra belly fat?

Your WHY probably isn't big enough.

"If you have a big enough 'WHY', you will figure out the 'HOW'"

When it comes to fitness and getting in shape, most people fall incredibly short on finding a why that's big enough to keep them from going back for that extra piece of cake. 

Sure, losing 10lbs is a good reason to start going to the gym, but when the grind sets in (and it will), it's not compelling enough to get you out of bed an hour early. Suddenly, that extra 10lbs isn't that big of a deal when it means sacrificing an extra hour of sleep. And, you fall back into the same habits that helped you put on that extra weight in the first place.

You're not at fault. 

You just need a bigger why.

How to find your big why.

It's actually not as bad as you think that finding your big why has eluded you in the past. If you denounce superficial values like looking good as vain, then is it any wonder a superficial why like looking better in a pair of jeans hasn't stuck?

You need to dig deeper. Keep asking yourself why you want to achieve your fitness goal to get to the true reason you want to workout.

I want to run more. Why?

I want to lose 10lbs. Why?

I want to be healthier. Why?

I want to live as long as I can. Why? 

I want to watch my grandchildren grow up and have kids of their own.

Now that's profound. That's deep enough to get you out of bed earlier and eating a few more leafy green vegetables. That's a big enough why that connects you more meaningfully with your fitness goals. 

There's often a deeper reason we want achieve our fitness goals lying at the end of asking ourselves why a few times. We just need to connect that deep reason with our daily actions to help us reach our fitness goals. 

Find your big why and achieve your fitness goals. 

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