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Tiny Actions and Your Goals

Tiny Actions and Your Goals

Does it ever feel like time is speeding up on you?

Have you ever looked up after some period of time, a week, a few months, a year, and realized you’ve made no progress towards achieving your goals from when you said you were going to start?

I think we’ve probably all been there.

It stings.

It feels like we wasted so much valuable time and this sinking feeling of disappointment ensues.

What if you had taken just one tiny action every day from the day you said you were going to start?

How much closer would you be?

In actuality, you would probably be much closer to your goals than you think by consistently accomplishing that one action you set for yourself.

Because that one tiny action would probably turn into a little bigger action.

And another little action would probably be added to that little bigger action.

The actions compound on each other.

Over time, that one tiny action you started with has the power to become something you can’t even imagine because of this compounding.

You will look up after that same period of time you lamented over before and be amazed at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished.

All because of the one tiny action you committed to consistently complete.

They key is to start, now, with one tiny action.


Want to become an avid reader? Commit to reading just one page every day.

Want to work out more? Commit to completing one set of an exercise every day.

Want to save more money? Commit to saving a small amount of money each day.

Want to write a book? Commit to writing just one sentence every day.


Are these actions simple?

Of course.

That’s the point.

The magic lies in the compounding.

Think you will stop at reading just one page each day or only completing a single set of an exercise? Do you think you would stop writing after just one sentence?

Not likely.

Soon that one exercise turns into one workout which turns into 5 hard workouts and 2 active rest days a week.

That one sentence turns into writing one page, then writing pages, then writing chapters a day.

The key is to start with a tiny action towards your goals.

This is how you look up after a period of time and feel proud of yourself.


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